You’re The Balm! Adorable Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Who else is on the eos lip balm bandwagon? I’m really excited to be partnering with eos today plus I’ll be sharing a really fun DIY gift idea for Mother’s Day. I’ve always loved the adorable shape and yummy flavors and more recently I’ve been particularly loving the limited edition eos lip balm spring set. They smell delicious and make for a cute and affordable gift option.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I was inspired to create this adorable Mother’s Day gift idea using the eos lip balm after reading this post. Rebecca’s Valentine’s Day printable had me thinking that this would be so cute to recreate for Mother’s Day. Trust me, I am the least capable person when it comes to a DIY project but I figured this was something I definitely could manage.
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Alala Leggings, The Coolest Marble Print!

alala leggings To be honest with you, I kind of get tired seeing fitness brands only feature size 0-2 women with 6 packs on their instagram accounts. It’s a pretty crappy feeling to never see your body type represented in the media. It can make you feel inferior, almost like you’re just wrong, when you don’t look anything like the girls you’re constantly seeing posted all over social media.

That is why I was absolutely thrilled to see Alala post some curvier body types on their instagram account. I love that they (more…)

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