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The Products You Need For Brows On Fleek!

Some people are naturally born with brows on fleek, while others have to work much harder to get those fleeky brows. Today I’m sharing some amazing products in ALL price ranges to help you create your perfect brows. I naturally have thicker eyebrows but I still enjoy giving them more definition because there’s nothing like a bold brow!

If you are blessed with fuller brows and just want to give it just a little extra oomph, or you just happen to be in a rush and need a little something, brow gels/mascaras are a great way to go. These are what I use when I’m doing five minute makeup or I’m just feeling particularly lazy. For those of you with brows that need more help, this will be your last step. Here are my personal favorite tinted brow gels in every price range:
brows-on-fleek (more…)

8 Best Highlighters To Blind All Your Friends

I am happily highlighter obsessed; who else is is on that bandwagon with me?! I thought I’d share my 8 best highlighters with you today from my collection. I’ll also be sharing some tips on how to increase the glow or alternatively, how to get a subtle glow for the days you want to tone things (more…)

Birthday Confetti Nails and Week Highlights

So I thought I’d squeeze a post in because it’s my birthday today! I’m kind of in mourning right now haha, so I thought I’d cheer myself up with confetti nails. Because how could sequin confetti nails not make my birthday just a tad less painful? And yes, my confetti nails definitely took the edge off the pain (find the ring here)!confetti nails Kelly and I stopped at a little cafe in Brooklyn Heights after a recent shoot. I thought my avocado toast was a good choice until I saw her french toast goodness. Obviously, we know who won at life that day. Hint: definitely not me.iris cafe (more…)

4 Friday Favs: Affordable Makeup, Yummy Eats & More

This week had lots of ups and downs but one incredible highlight was coming across an article I was included in (I’m #2) from Verily Magazine called “5 Style Bloggers Who Are Challenging How The Industry Defines Size.” Besides for the fact that I was in article with some of the most amazing bloggers in the industry, it really touched me to know that my number one message I try to impart on my blog was most definitely received. The Elk nycKelly and I have been making it our goal (more…)

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