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5 Beauty Tips with NuMe and Belletto Studio

I’m excited to share some great hair and makeup products from NuMe and Belletto Studio with you guys today! There will also be some amazingly good discount codes with some beauty tips I’ve learned so let’s get started.IMG_9917My number one secret hair weapon is my NuMe curling wand. It is the solution to having the beach waves I wasn’t born with. I know, I know, #thestruggleisreal. 😉 But I’m not kidding, I love my curling wand and my favorite thing about it is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to use; even for someone like me who is a complete dummy when it comes managing hair!  I definitely watched a couple of youtube videos first and had a trial and error process (with a couple of burned fingers, ouch!) but I learned really fast and it now takes me about 15-20 minutes in total to do my hair and I have  A LOT of hair.

Some tips I learned along the way are to always hold the curling iron pointed down (as seen in the picture above) and to leave out a good inch or two from the bottom of the wand so that the waves look natural. Also, wait for your hair to be completely dry before using it otherwise your hair will burn! I thought I would want to use the biggest barrel size because I like loose waves but I realized that the smaller one is better because the curls fall a bit anyway. I love that the curl jam set comes with multiple barrel sizes so you can experiment with different sizes and have more options! I also use the argan oil first to protect and moisturize my hair. I finish with Living Proof no frizz humidity shield. I also have a lot of frizz in the front of my hair so I sometimes use the flat iron (it comes in the curl jam set) on those extremely frizzy spots.

You can use a pretty fabulous coupon code to get $100 off any curling set with code SEQUINLOVE or 40% off any of the hot tools (excluding hair care, accessories, and seasonal catalog) with code SPARKLYGLASS.


I also had the opportunity to try some makeup product from Belletto Studio. I’m obsessed with the chromaticity eyeshadow palette; it’s the perfect palette to create a natural smokey eye and I love these earthtone shades for blue eyes. I used the lightest color in the inner eye corners to add some highlight and make my eyes look a bit bigger. Another trick to keep the eyes looking bright and open is to only line the bottom lashline half or 3/4 the way. I find that when I use eyeliner all the way, it closes my eyes up and makes my eyes look smaller. I used the gel eyeliner pen and the application was so smooth and easy! It applies like a dream and comes in a great range of colors. I finished with liquid silk infinity lipstick. I love the peachy coral color!

To get the entire ultimate airbrush system for only $78 (that’s almost half off), use code SIZZLESUMMER.
3O5R0227 IMG_0014

Here is the finished look after using my Belletto Studio makeup and NuMe hair products. I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the results. 🙂IMG_9922 (1)(Photos indoors thanks to Mark Mittell, photos outside thanks to Kelly West)

Three Cool Nail Art Ideas

waterfall nail

This March was definitely the month of the coolest manicures! I get my nails done at a salon near my house with a nail technician that blows my mind every time I visit! I usually show up with cool nail art designs I found on instagram or pinterest and it’s fun seeing them come to life. Sometimes we tweak things a bit and sometimes we use the exact images but I leave loving my nails every time. Hey, it’s the little things in life! 😉

ombre nails

Here we did an ombre nail design inspired my dandelion cell phone case. We tried adding dandelions to my design but they looked like snowflakes so we kept them simple. And I like the results!
geometric nail artThis teal glitter was an afterthought and best.decision.ever. 😉

galaxy nails

We copied this design straight from @marienails on instagram. This purple galaxy was one of my favorite designs I’ve had done so far!geometric nails waterfall nailsI’m obsessed with this waterfall manicure inspired by @thesammersaurus. This one also one of my favorites and I want to try it again in shades of blue!

All my druzy rings are thanks to Wrenn Jewelry.

Perfectly un(Done) Beach Waves

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by TRESemme via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of TRESemme.

My favorite hairstyle has always been natural, beachy waves. I was born with a mop of frizzy hair so my dream of waking up every morning with effortless beach waves has yet to happen to me. Over the years I’ve tried countless products but my hair seems to have a life of its own and I never know what will cause it to frizz up. I was recently given the opportunity to try some products from TRESemme’s Perfectly (un)Done line and their tagline, “effortless, natural looking waves that last all day,” had me really excited because that is everything I want for my hair. I started with the Perfectly un(Done) shampoo and Perfectly un(Done) conditioner. I let the conditioner soak in my hair for a good few minutes before rinsing it out which left my hair feeling noticeably softer. Oh and a nice bonus, the products smell great!IMG_8920 (2)

It was hard to choose the styling products because I want to try them all but I finally settled on the Perfectly un(Done) Wave Creation Sea Foam. I was relieved that my hair remained soft and didn’t become hard or sticky like with many of my other hair products. I let it air dry and then spent about 15-20 minutes using a curling wand to create more definition and wave since my hair doesn’t naturally have as much of a wave as I’d like. I finished off with the Perfectly un(Done) Hairspray, Ultra Brushable Hold and it worked really well without weighing my hair down at all. I added a quick and easy side twist which literally took two seconds and then I took it for the ultimate test run; a photo shoot on a windy day! IMG_8923I was shocked by how well my hair held up, even with the unfair standards of the crazy weather conditions. Normally my hair would turn into a frizzy mess by the second outfit change on a windy day, but my hair held up amazingly well throughout all three outfit changes and I loved my beach waves so much that I refused to wash my hair for another two days. Shhhh, they say it’s good for you! 😉

I feel like a beach wave hairstyle is so versatile because it works for every occasion; from a more casual affair like brunch, work, or a shopping day to a less casual situation like date night or a party. It gives off a relaxed, effortless vibe which is usually the look I’m going for!

For more hair inspiration and tutorials, visit


Photography thanks to Kelly West.



5 More Nail Designs!

Last Friday I shared 6 of my manicures from the last few months and this Friday I’m sharing the other 5. I didn’t want to bombard you with all of them at once! 🙂 And I just got the cutest manicure tonight which you’ll see really soon if you follow me on instagram. Sorry for my not so stellar iphone photography skillz! nail12 nailIn the photo above, I used Essie Romper Room with a mix of the glitters, Ignite the Night and Carnival .

nail7 nail5 nail8

My favorite blue polishes are Essie Bikini So Teeny, Essie Lapis of Luxury, and Essie Where’s My Chauffeur nail4

The purply gray above is Zoya Caitlin and the sparkly polish is Essie Jazzy Jubilant.image1This gorgeous shimmery navy is Zoya Dream. The heart ring is thanks to JCL Designs Jewelry.


6 Fun Nail Art Ideas!

It has been a looooong time since I shared my nail art with you (I do it regularly on instagram though so make sure you’re following along 😉 ) so I thought I would do a fun roundup of some of my favorite manicures the last few months. No, I did NOT do these myself; they were done professionally! I wish I had the skills but I don’t… not even a little, tiny bit. And please excuse the beat up cuticles and cell phone photography.

I am always looking for a fast drying top coat and after trying out quite a few, my favorite is Essie Good To Go with my second favorite being Out The Door. I know that so many people find Seche Vite to be amazing but I can’t stand the shrinkage that happens when I use it even if it does dry incredibly fast. And for base coats, my three favorites are OPI Nail Envy, Orly Bonder (makes those manicures last!), and Duri Rejuvacote. Scroll to the bottom of the post and disable your ad block to see some of my favorite nail colors and nail care products.nail11 FullSizeRender nail12 nail17 nail15 image3 image2 nail9

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