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Let’s Stop The Weight Loss Resolutions In 2017

The new year is rapidly approaching and with that, I unfortunately expect to be seeing way too many resolutions focused on weight loss and dieting. Why do I have a problem with weight loss resolutions?

Well, because it makes me extremely sad that so many of us care more about being thin more than literally everything else in the world. Why do we reduce our entire self worth on the size of our bodies?! And before I get those annoying comments about how people are trying to lose weight to be healthy and all of America is obese, let me clarify. (more…)

Looking Back At The Top 10 Dresses of 2016

2016 was the year of the dresses on my blog! For some reason they were just the only thing I wanted to wear. Dresses seemed to make me feel most confident and comfortable and today I’ll be sharing my top 10 favorite dresses from the past year. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse of 2016! Thank you so much for following another year of my blogging journey. Your support, comments on my blog, and follows on social media are all so appreciated. I can’t wait to continue creating content for you guys and hope 2017 will be even better! (more…)

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