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New League of Legends Champs, Secret Builds and Fresh Accounts

Heya there A Sequin and LoL fans!

Did you know that Riot are working on a ton of new features and a big part of it is – new champions? See, for them creating new playable characters is a big win, because it keeps the game fresh and exciting, it brings new experience and a completely new gameplay. On top of all that it also keeps fans engaged to discover, review and test any new possible builds and duo combinations with new champs. And that is just the first stage of the “positive wave” when the new champ comes out.

Did you guess what is the second wave? That’s right the skins, the never ending skins that can keep coming up to “warm up” the truest fans of a given champion. How many times have you revisited or started playing an older champ just because of a new skin that came out?

And all of this keeps the game alive and exciting for everyone, which is a key to a successful online game. And just like in any games if you want to keep the growth and progress you will own an account, that has all of the valuable information in it. But what happens if the account gets in trouble? Let’s say it gets hacked, or you lost it for some reason, or even simply you get banned or blocked for breaking some rules. Does that mean you entirely lose the access to the game?

Absolutely not. This is why there are amazing services that provide accounts for sale. You can either login to the dashboard and buy, sell or even trade the account for other items like bitcoin, in-game items, another games, or account for another games.

This account-trading environment makes everything very expansive and fluid for gamers. With these marketplaces your account is now valuable and increases its value as you use it. It is almost like an asset that is being grown but by playing video games!

So to finalize these, keep an eye on the new champs that are coming out and keep growing your accs to generate more value!