My Obsession with Drunk Elephant

First of all, this post is a Drunk Elephant review and it is not sponsored. I just want to make sure that’s very clear! Skincare is probably what I get emailed to collaborate the most on, more than any other category. And it’s also the category I turn down the most often because I am extremely picky about what I put on my face and I’m not going to share something with you guys that I don’t trust and believe in 100%. But I wanted to do this Drunk Elephant review because I’m passionate about sharing the things I love with you guys!

I see people rave about expensive products that are clearly not good for anyone’s skin and I cringe every time! It’s usually because it’s heavily fragranced which is proven not to be good for the skin, in fancy packaging that does nothing to keep the ingredients stable (like a pretty jar), or is just filled with irritating ingredients.

There are so many high end skincare and makeup products that are heavily fragranced and people seem to have no problem with it. They think that because it’s a fancy, high end brand, that it must be good and that is so far from the truth. Fragrance and/or fragrant essential oils can cause damage to the skin, especially over a period of time. But we finally have a skincare brand that actually cares about selling quality products in the appropriate packaging rather than putting something that smells pretty in a fancy jar without a care as to whether or not it’s harmful to the skin. drunk elephant b hydraBefore I discovered Drunk Elephant, (more…)

3 Styling Tricks For The Petite Girls

I really liked this gray fit and flare dress when I first spotted it at Teri Jon but when I tried it on I looked like a grandma. That’s the story of my life being at just under 5″2! So I thought I’d share some styling tricks for petite women that I’ve learned along the way to make non petite-size dresses work for us vertically challenged gals. Because I think the dress looks perfect on me now. My 5″7 friend looked incredible in this dress straight off the rack but we can’t always get that lucky! (more…)

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