What The Heck is Body Positivity Anyway?

star print leggingsThe body positivity movement is finally being brought to people’s attention but there are still a lot of people that aren’t even sure what it means. There are also a lot of misconceptions as to what body positivity actually is so I thought I’d share my take on it today.

Let’s first start with what it’s NOT. Body positivity does not mean ditching any semblance of a healthy lifestyle and running to the bakery and eating an endless supply of muffins (more…)

Friday Favorites: Best of NYFW and A Makeup Haul

This was a pretty hectic week with it being fashion week and now I’m busy packing for a few days in the Dominican Republic. I wish I could take some photos there for you guys but unfortunately I don’t know any photographers there and the people going with me aren’t great at taking photos. I’m sad about that but of course I’m excited to get some sun for a few days!

I wanted to share my latest youtube video with you guys – a fashion try on haul. Let me know your thoughts! I think we have the lighting down at this point and of course, I’d love if you took the time to subscribe and like/comment.–This week Blue Mercury kindly (more…)

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