Maxi Stripes

Happy, happy, HAPPYYYYY Friday!!! Ha yes, I’m feeling particularly grateful for Friday right now!:)

 photo IMG_9486-Edit_zpsad773805.jpg  photo IMG_9501-Edit_zpsfc92a7f2.jpg  photo IMG_9508-Edit_zps9ee024f1.jpg  photo IMG_9480-Edit_zps90a548c1.jpg

Photography by the fabulous Brittanny Taylor (Check out her FB page here!)
JacketGap (similar hereheresplurgeDress: Gap (similar herehere, and hereShoes: Nine West (similar herehere, and here ) Necklace: J.Crew (loving this one and this one)
Tagged by the stylish and sweet Sandy a la mode for answering 6 questions. Here goes!
1. Tell us something we don’t know about you. I’m really sensitive and it’s something that comes as a surprise to people because I come across as very confident and self assured (which I am too!). Also, I have duel citizenship because although my parents are american, they had me in Israel but moved back to NY a few weeks after I was born. 
2. What’s your favorite beauty secret or product? Ok….so I’m about to change your life. For realzzz, you guys! Paula’s Choice is my beauty savior. Seriously, I do not buy a single beauty product without first checking her reviews to see if the product really IS all that it claims to be! I am so much more informed about proper skincare and makeup than before I was introduced to her. Seriously, you don’t realize how much we buy into ridiculous beauty claims!
3.Favorite movie, song, or tv show? Project Runway for sure. After that, Law and Order SVU!
4.What is your favorite or go-to outfit? I don’t really have a go-to outfit lately because umm….my clothing collection has kind of piled up hahaha! But this is my favorite summer dress and for some reason I’m loving this outfit. Ohhh, and my maxi skirt! But the actual clothing item I wear most is this denim skirt.
5. What’s a current dream that you’re hoping to achieve? Firstly, I’d like to get my LCSW (clinical social work degree- Right now I have my LMSW. If I work under a supervisor in a clinical setting for 3 years, I can take another test to receive an LCSW). Secondly, I’d like to see my blog become more successful. It’s already become more than I’ve ever expected and I’m so grateful; I’m just enjoying the journey and excited to see where it takes me! Oh, and I’d like to write a memoir. But it’ll be anonymous for sure because it’s very personal so you won’t know about it if it happens!;)
6. Who or what inspires you? My 7 (almost 8!!) year old sister. I want to be a role model for her, specifically in regards to self love and confidence. I don’t want her to be insecure about her body like I was as a kid. I don’t want her to be another girl that talks about hating her body and needing to diet. I’m more than a body, a whole lot more than a number on the scale, and for me to model that for my sister, I need to actually believe and embody that so that she can too. Am I making sense here?
I don’t know who to tag, so feel free to answer any 6 of the following questions in the comments below or your own post! 
1.// What is one of your silly quirks? Or something silly that you get excited about.
2.// Favorite movie, song, or tv show?
3.// Any funny stories to share that has happened recently?
4.// Tell us something we don’t know about you.
5.// What’s your favorite beauty secret or product?
6.// What’s your favorite or go-to outfit? (pics please)
7.// What’s a personal trial you had to overcome?
8.// What’s a current dream that you are hoping to achieve?
9.// What’s the coolest thing you’ve made? (food, craft, anything)
10.// Who or what inspires you?
11.// Share one of your favorite pics. Tell us why it’s your favorite
12.// What’s your favorite part about marriage? Or what have you learned since becoming married?
  • Rebekah Rose

    such a great dress…love those shoes as well!


  • oh yes! Yay its friday! im a big fan of the maxi dress and this looks fab on you xx

  • Thanks Jess:)

  • Thanks Rebekah:)

  • Alison Lumbatis

    Aww, you look SO pretty! A striped maxi dress is one of my favorite closet essentials. I need to check out Paula’s Choice, I LOVE product reviews!

  • Loved this, especially #6. 🙂 Thanks for telling me about Paula’s Choice, man I have a feeling I am going to be completely attached to that website from now on.

  • Thaaaanks Alison! 🙂 You must tell me what you think of Paula and tell me if I got you addicted:)

  • Let me know what you think Haylee!

  • Singerseven

    Really enjoyed this! Xoxoxoxooxxoxo You’re fabulous!

  • A. These photos of you are absolutely stunning, Shira! You look so beautiful!!!

    B. #6 kind of made me tear up. 🙂 You’re such a fabulous role model! She’s lucky to have you.

    C. I’m so impressed with how far your blog has come. Isn’t it fun?! Can’t wait to see where it all goes… 😉

    You’re amazing!



  • Kelly, I woke up to all these amazing comments on my blog- what an amazing way to start the day- thank you!!! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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