NYE Ready In Sapphire Sequins!

These photos were actually taken in October on my birthday (right before my party, thanks to Rachel and Brittanny) but I had to save them for this time of year! 🙂 I scored this Alice + Olivia dress on clearance a few months ago and the blue sequins are everythingggggg. I added links to some gorgeous blue sequin dresses on the bottom of the post because how else do you celebrate the new year if not with the most sequined, blinged-out dress you can find?!

On another note…. I hope it’s ok if I use this space to vent for a second. I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or what exactly it is, but I’ve been noticing quite a few bloggers recording their personal weight loss journeys on their blogs and offering weight loss advice for their followers. Maybe it’s because I’m a social worker or maybe it’s because I lost a dear friend to an eating disorder when she was just 21 years old, but I find it dangerous to give weight loss advice to others for two reasons. Firstly, we all have different bodies with different needs so what works for one person might be completely opposite of what another person needs. Maybe one person finds being vegan her key to health while another person needs their turkey or red meat to be strong and healthy. One person might find that eating less carbs is good for their body while another person needs more carbs to fuel their brain and body. But just because you found something that works for YOU, it doesn’t mean that you are now an expert with a degree in dietetics and know what everyone needs. And when you have young and impressionable readers, it is so important to watch how you talk about diets and bodies.

And secondly, I find that focusing on a number on the scale causes us to to lose sight of what the real focus should be; living a balanced and healthy life regardless of body size. We have enough judgement and prejudice against overweight people in our society. I see people suddenly “care” about the wellbeing of a complete stranger because “omg, it’s just so unhealthy to be at that weight!” And really? Did you see their blood test results? Can you see their unhealthiness just oozing out of their pores? We are all worthy of acceptance as we are and if you’re lucky enough to have a blog with a big audience, why not use that platform to bring about positivity and acceptance; not perpetuate the twisted belief in our society that you’re only worthy and “good enough” if you’re thin? Self acceptance doesn’t have to mean that there’s no room for growth or change; it just means that you are ok and worthy of love whether you’re a size 0 or 28. To take care of myself, I end up unfollowing bloggers who record their diets and weight loss because it’s unhealthy for me to be reading that. I don’t need to hear about how “omg I gained so much weight, I’m fat, it’s disgusting.” I’d love to be cheering you on your path to health and balance without body bashing and diet talk.



 Photos thanks to Rachel of I Hate Blonde

Alice + Olivia dress, sold out. Similar Dress the Population sequin dress or Nue by Shany sequin dress, Shoshanna sequin dress or Carmen Marc Valvo floral dress. Leather jacket borrowed. Similar Topshop leather biker jacket or BLK DNM lambskin leather jacket, Kendra Scott Naomi Double Ring C/O and Alexis Bittar earrings

  • You are so pretty in your blue sequins…love it!

  • gorgeous look – perfect for NYE! Cheers to 2015!

    The Style Scribe

    • Heck yes! Thanks Merritt!

  • I hear you on the whole weight and diet post. You look stunning.

    • Thanks Amy, I try to contain myself but every once in a while I feel like I need to say something!

  • So pretty! Such a fun color!

    xo Southern Style

    • Thank you so much!

  • I approve of this post.

    • Thanks Brittanny <3 <3 <3

  • Amazing dress and it is perfect for the holiday season!

    • Thank you Elizabeth!

  • Erica Kato

    Love that blue dress!!

    The Fashion Forecast

  • Chandra

    Thank you for this!


  • I love what you wrote about body image and offering weight loss suggestions. I was a personal trainer for years and most of the time what I read from others offering “weightloss advice” is actually absolute and utter crap. As in, unhealthy, possibly dangerous advice. I agree that we need to move more towards acceptance and less towards the focus on the number on a scale. We threw away our scale a few years ago and it was one of the best things we did. I too unfollow those who trigger unhealthy reactions in me. Love the dress as well, just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

    xox, Maya Beth

    • Ah thanks so much for sharing Maya Beth! Refreshing to hear that from a personal trainer (because many end up weight obsessed). XO

  • Mlle Coconath

    Love the look!

    Happy New Year

    I hope 2015 will be a great year for you!




    • Thank you! Same to you!!

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    LOVE that dress! Perfect for your b-day and perfect for NYE! I agree with your little venting. It’s best to talk to a professional about weight issues…I’m a person who needs her carbs and if someone told me to cut them out, I’d probably pass out from fatigue. And I think it’s so true about the scale…I don’t even own one!


    • Yes yes yes yes!!! Thanks Kacie!

  • Love it! Every time I buy another sequin dress I think of you – I picked up another two last week 🙂 As for weight loss, personally I like to hear what worked for others – doesn’t mean I’m going to do it LOL. I guess I’m not in that young impressionable demographic you speak of 🙂 I think it’s important that these topics are openly discussed because it demystifies the skinny girl. Being thin can be a full time job – very few people are naturally skinny. It’s hard work. I think it’s important for young girls to recognize that the celebrities and models don’t just wake up and look fabulous. In addition to the makeup and photoshop, they eat healthy (if at all) and work out several hours a day. I’m curious who pissed you off LOL. It’s one thing to share your weight loss journey but totally irresponsible to preach your word as gospel when everyone is so different. Great post!

    • Hahaha oooohhhhhh I want to see!!! I’m expecting photos asap 🙂

      I hear what you’re saying- I guess, I believe that the focus should be OFF weight loss completely- like banning that language from our vocabularies. Because thinness is given too much power. And some people, even if they are exercising and obsessively watching their intake, will NOT have a flat stomach or the “perfect ideal body” according to the media. And they shouldn’t have to feel less than or inferior.