Wrenn Jewelry Giveaway


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you have seen me wearing Wrenn Jewelry jewels. And if you have been following my instagram, then you are even more likely to be familiar with Wrenn Jewelry as I’m always posting fun manicures with my Wrenn Jewelry druzy rings. Alissa of Wrenn Jewelry is a huge inspiration to me; she is battling Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma and Crohn’s Disease all while still being an amazing mother and jewelry maker. I’m so glad she is now a part of my life and that I get to work with her and feature her beautiful jewelry on a regular basis. And I’m so excited that she’s offering a giveaway for my readers- just in time for the holidays! Alissa uses only high quality gold filled or sterling silver metals so even if you have sensitive skin like I do, you should be able to wear her jewelry. Here’s just a small roundup of some of my favorite photos with my Wrenn Jewelry, mostly by Brittanny Taylor with a couple of my own nail selfies from instagram. 🙂 Fill out the rafflecopter form at the bottom of the post to win a $35 gift card to her store (which would cover any ring of your choice or a necklace, bracelet, earrings…  whatever you’d prefer!). SONY DSC SONY DSC A Sequin Love Affair A Sequin Love Affair SONY DSC IMG_6238 nail12 nail5 A Sequin Love Affair nail11 nail14 SONY DSC
a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Sara Wagner

    I would choose one of the amazing Druzy Rings!

    • good lucky, I agree- her druzy rings are stunning!

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I would choose a Druzy ring. 🙂 So pretty!!!!

    • Good luck, her druzy rings are amazingggggg!

  • I would choose a druzy ring, love them!

  • Absolutely stunning jewelry!

    • Definitely agree 🙂

  • I love that 3 in 1 Druzy between the fingers ring! So unique!

    • whoops, that one isn’t hers haha 😉 It’s Kendra Scott, the bangles are hers from that photo 😉

  • Natasha Gonzalez

    Obsessed with the confetti teardrop initial necklace!!

    • ooohhhh that’s a good one! Good luck!

  • Count me in 🙂 I’m thinking a ring!

    • How fun would it be if you won 🙂

  • SJ

    Loving all the jewlery!

    • Ha my feelings too 🙂

  • Miriam

    Not sure what I’d choose – probably the teardrop charm necklace. Everything is gorgeous!

  • LittleMonsterx14

    everything is so gorgeous, but i LOVE those big rings!

    • Right?? She does them so well!

  • Sara Shabtai

    I’d definitely choose a Druzy ring!

    • My favorites! 🙂

  • Love your druzy rings, Shira (: I’d choose a ring!

    – Deniz

    • Yesss love them 😉 Good luck!

  • molly c

    i would definitely get a ring!

  • Alexandra Pearsall

    I am in love with every druzy wring at WrennJewelry but I would love to splurge on a necklace with a charm 🙂

    • Ooh love those too 🙂

  • Jennifer Nichols Groff

    I would love a peach cocktail ring!

    • Good luck! Those are beautiful!

  • Amy Konczyk

    Love my Wrenn bracelet! It needs a ring friend though!

    • Oohhhh yessss! 🙂

  • Such beautiful pieces! I need a druzy ring in my life!

  • Samantha Carroll

    Another ring! Can wait to get my two orders that are on the way!! Please pick me!

    • Oohhhhh that’s exciting 😉 good luck!

  • Jennifer Grimm LaScala

    I absolutely love this jewelry! I just recently purchased a necklace from them but would be super excited to get more pieces, like a bracelet!!!

  • sibley_h

    I’d get one of her beautiful Druzy bracelets.

    • ooh those are amazing too and love that you can get them by your wrist size too! Good luck!

  • Andrea Darst

    I love the beautiful druzy necklace!!

  • Shelley Traylor

    Druzy earrings I think!

  • Green with wrennvy ring!!

  • Guest

    I’m so in love with the purple ombre

  • Bethany

    I love the purple ombre bracelet. But the rings are all so pretty too…

    • Just got the purple ombre 😉 I plan to shoot this week!

  • Silviya Hristova

    Himy name Is Silviya and If I am lucky I will pick one of your wonderful bracelets , green and blue are my favorite colors, they remind me of the ocean !!! Wearing someting so pretty will give me the confidence that I need !!! Thanks for creating little pieceses of beauty for us to enjoy !!!

  • Laura Christina Velasquez

    I love the Druzy set of 3 bracelets! So sophisticated and simple. I’ve been in love a long time….

  • Brandi Young

    I’d choose the black rectangle druzzy ring in gold. Everything is so pretty!

  • Brandy Yeager

    I would choose a Druzy custom bangle set. Absolutely love her stuff, her story and her customer service!!

  • Rebecca p.

    Would love to purchase a necklace, I love them all!

  • Fassion Page-Windrath

    Wrench jewelry is amazing.

  • Wow! These are all absolutely stunning and so unique! Beautiful pieces! Loving the stud earrings and ALL of the rings!

  • Christy Falls Pyzik

    I would choose a ring! Stunning!

  • Lynanne Bruno

    I love the necklaces!

  • Jamie

    I’d love one of those beautiful rings!

  • Trish Smith

    Love Wrenn Jewelry! The rings are my favorites!!

  • FreshWater

    love Wrenn Jewelry everything is so beautiful! I have my eyes on a ring….

  • Jodi scott

    Such beautiful jewelry

  • Shena Simmons

    Love Wrenn Jewelry! I have the platinum silver and merlot red druzy rings! 🙂

    • Oohhhh I don’t have red yet ha!

      • shena simmons

        Hi Shira! Did you get my email? XX

  • Bianca

    I would choose a rose gold druzy ring in white. So pretty. 🙂

    • Niiice choice 😉

  • Jennifer Corder

    I LOVE Wrenn Jewelry! I would grab some of her statement rings or the earrings she did along with Kelcey’s Feathers..the merlot ones! <3

  • Jennifer Corder

    ooh! Or anything in the confetti druzy!

  • Cynthia Gaarder

    merlot dusty ring

  • Laura

    Love all her jewelry thank you

  • kristen wiggerly

    I would love to win any of her jewelry!

  • Jenna Wheeler

    Love everything but would really like a bangle bracelet, so gorgeous!

  • Holly Chadwin

    I am loving the druzy stud earring in merlot!

  • Temimah Zucker

    The bracelets are absolutely stunning!