Asos Lace Skater Dress

asos lace skater dressIsn’t everything better in mint?? I fell in love with this Asos lace skater dress and thought it would be absolutely perfect for the upcoming holidays. I loveeee the color, the sleeves, the fit and flare – it’s everything I want in a dress! Unfortunately, I don’t think it worked well on me, possibly due to my petite frame because of the way it bunches up on me in the middle. I ended up giving/trading with a friend but I wanted to share these photos anyway because we got some decent ones and it is such a beautiful dress. I’m curious if any of you own it; let me know how it fits if you do! I’m still on the hunt for a pretty holiday dress but I don’t think I’ll be getting it in time as Passover starts Friday. Oh well! I do have pretty dresses from previous years plus a dress I temporarily stole from the friend I always “steal” from. I keep checking Asos but so far nothing caught my eye. It’s a shame when the dress you love doesn’t work but I’m sure something else will come along!
so kate patent nude pumpSay hello to my very first pair of Louboutins! They were a half size too small on my friend so yay for inheriting this classic “so kate nude patent nude pump” which is the perfect nude heel. They hurt like hell though, I have to be honest. They are not the most comfortable heels in the world but that won’t stop me from wearing them. I can take a little pain! Also, my rules with heels is that I ALWAYS bring flats along as well. I switch to heels right before whatever the event is and then immediately switch to flats after. That’s the way I survive and these classic nude pumps are worth a little pain, especially considering they were a pretty awesome gift!
mint green dressPhotography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

DressAsos premium lace skate dress ShoesSo Kate patent red sole pump and cheaper option: Nouveau Clutchall in one bag c/o