What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Lace Dip Back Prom Midi Dress Anyone have weddings coming up in the summer? I know I do! If you’re not sure what to wear to a summer wedding, look no further. This dress is the one! I fell head over heels for this dress as did so many of you when I posted a sneak peek of this photo on instagram. Unfortunately, it keeps selling out but my friend taught me a trick about Asos; if you love something that’s sold out, just bookmark the page and keep checking back because they do restock. You can find the dress (basically sold out as of now) in regular sizes here and petite sizes here. I wore a nude cami underneath because I don’t feel comfortable exposing my stomach and my parents would probably pass out if I showed up to a family wedding without the cami underneath. I prefer to lay low at the religious weddings I attend haha! I actually wasn’t sure if I could wear this red dress to a wedding I had in the winter because I didn’t want to stand out too much. The consensus for the most part was that red is ok to wear, even to religious weddings, while a few people said not to. What do you think?
mint green lace dress I love Asos for party dresses and gowns because I find the prices to be really reasonable -more so than many other stores. I featured this blush gown from Asos on the blog a while ago and last spring I featured a stunning embellished blush gown from Asos as well. I’m dying for this Asos bridal maxi dress to come in other colors so I can wear it to my cousin’s wedding this July. I think the embellished flutter sleeve maxi dress is beautiful as well the floral applique maxi dress. But my heart is set on something blue so we’ll see! I’ve never had the opportunity to wear a gown before so my cousin’s wedding will be the first opportunity and I want to feel beautiful. I’ve been eyeing this tulle gown from Teri Jon so I guess we shall see!
asos mint green dress Do you remember how sad I was that I missed cherry blossom season in Botanical Gardens this season because I was away when it was at its peak? I talked about how I thought we missed it here but Kelly and I decided to attempt it anyway and I am sooo glad we did! The cherry blossoms were mostly gone on the trees but the floor was blanketed in pink and it was absolutely beautiful. I’m sure you can tell from the photos! A little boy pointed to me and said “Look Mom, a fairy princess!” I pretty much died laughing.what to wear to a summer weddingmint green lace gown mint green gownPhotography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Dress: Asos lace dip back midi dress Shoes: similar save hypnotize splurge tuctivista


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