How I Saved Up For A Chanel Bag

green dvf dress I never ever dreamed I’d actually own a Chanel bag. For some people (most of my family), the idea of spending so much on a handbag is ludicrous. They don’t get the desire to even own a Chanel bag! But I’m very different from my family and while I’ve dreamed of owning a Chanel bag (specifically the Chanel jumbo flap bag), it’s not something I thought would ever actually happen. Let’s just say that social work is not the most lucrative field and even paying off student loans can be a struggle some months. Spending my paycheck toward a Chanel bag was out of the question for me so let’s talk about how I saved up for a Chanel bag. Oh, and side note: I’m always transparent with you guys on my blog. When you see a designer item, I usually specify that I borrowed it from my friend because for most people including me, owning multiple designer items is not something attainable or realistic. I have fun in my friend’s closet so for example, these Chanel shoes are hers. The bag though…. is finally mine! 🙂chanel jumbo flap bag Anyway, here’s how I saved up for a Chanel bag. A few months ago I did a closet sale at my house to get rid of a lot of clothes that didn’t fit me or didn’t work for me anymore. I made much more than I expected and decided to start a Chanel fund. I only looked at vintage because buying a full price Chanel bag was out of the question. I follow Treasures of New York City on instagram and they had the exact bag I wanted, the quilted Chanel jumbo flap bag. I wanted a nice large size in the classic quilted style because that’s something I’d get the most wear out of. I looked at The RealReal and a couple other vintage websites but couldn’t afford any of their bags. But then the one I eyed from Treasures of New York City went on sale a couple of weeks later and I immediately grabbed it. I ended up spending a couple hundred of my own money but the rest of it was all straight from what I saved from my closet sale. I felt a little (ok, a lot) sick spending all that money on a bag but it made it easier to know that most of the money was from selling a lot of my wardrobe. And I love my new baby! Although I need to stop referring to it as my baby because someone thought I actually had a child haha! It has a couple of imperfections but is overall in pretty decent condition and I love it! chanel jumbo flap how I saved up for a chanel bag

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Dress: borrowed and old DVF. Similar green dresses: Alice + Olivia, DVF Kora tunic dress, or pipkin dress Bag: Chanel jumbo flap bag- vintage, more vintage Chanel bags here Shoes: borrowed Chanel (more vintage Chanel shoes) or similar Dolly  Ring: square cocktail ring c/o Lipstick: Jouer liquid lipstick in fraise bon bon Watch: 43mm avalon marble c/o