Embellished Skater Dress

asos embellished skater dress I saw this embellished skater dress on Asos (here) and immediately ordered it. The 3d floral embellishments on this pastel dress were just too good to skip on! If anyone has a wedding coming up in the next few weeks this is a total necessity. I was iffy about the cape sleeve detail and would’ve love it more without it, but the bedazzled goodness of the dress makes up for it! Ha. By the way, if you’re sad to see it’s sold out in most sizes, my trick that works 99% of the time is to bookmark the page or just keep the page up your screen and keep checking back because most likely your size will pop back. I mentioned that tip before when so many people were sad when I posted this dress that was sold out, but everyone who wanted it was able to get it in the end! Of course if you want that dress now, it has already been out since the spring so that one is a lot less likely. But this dress I’m wearing today has only been out for a few weeks so you’ll probably find plenty of pop backs in most sizes. Everything else I’ve tried from Asos lately seems to have been a fail -mostly due to poor fit or being very unflattering but I’m thinking that this embellished skater dress is a winner! asos cape dress asos 3d floral embellished skater dress christian paul marble face watch I showed you my two rings from Happiness Boutique on Friday’s post but this is a brighter photo and I’m loving the two rings I chose; rose gold glamour band ring and the love is the answer ring. They have at least 3-4 more rings I’m in love with as well! Happiness Boutique is offering 10% off orders over 19 euros until September 1st. Also,my new watch from Christian Paul is so gorgeous. The marble face and rose gold stainless steel mesh band is perfection. I usually get itchy from most metals but I haven’t taken this off in over a week and my skin has been just fine.embellished skater dress embellished dress

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Embellished Skater Dress: asos salon 3d floral embellished cape mini skater dress Bag: similar love crossbody (mine is a crossbody from RM too but I took off straps) Watch: 43mm whitehaven metal mesh c/o Rings: Happiness Boutique c/o Shoes: similar queen or check the slide below for identical mirrored silver pumps in all price ranges (disable ad blocker) Lipstick: my favoriteeee combo, liquid lipstick in fruit de la passion with color jolt in fight me fuchsia on top- both must-haves!