The 3 Best Workouts In NYC

I recently got some new workout clothes thanks to SIX:02 and that’s made working out all week pretty awesome. It’s always easier to work out when you get brand new workout gear, amirite? Today I’m going to share the three places that I think offer the best workouts in NYC. Obviously, this is all my opinion of course, especially as we all look for different things in a workout! But I’ve tried dozens of different classes and boutique studios all over the city and I consistently find myself going to these three studios. I tend to look for a workout that includes both cardio and strength training. I love a full body workout so let’s dive into what I think are the best workouts in NYC and offer those full body workouts. Also, I shared a little bit on this instagram post about why I was hesitant to do a workout post and what made me decide to push myself out of my comfort zone and do it anyway.
best-workouts-in-nyc Let’s start with Fhitting Room with locations in both Flatiron and the East Side. The hour always flies by quickly because the workout is always being switched up and you’re constantly moving. I appreciate that each class gives me a kick ass workout with the perfect mix of cardio and strength training. I also love that the instructors are encouraging and push you but they’re also awesome at understanding individual pace and capabilities. Some people appreciate a workout where they’re yelled at and bullied but personally, that sounds like my worst nightmare! I’m hard enough on myself as it is so I enjoy the warmth and humor that the instructors all seem to have. koral-leggings Another favorite is Uplift Studios. It’s women only but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re getting a wimpy workout. Not at all! They have all different types of classes including one focused on strength with two Tabata-style HIIT sections to elevate the heart rate – that’s my personal favorite. I always leave that class having worked my entire body from top to bottom. But they also offer classes that are more cardio based, a yoga-inspired sculpt class, they offer outdoor classes, and even have a happy hour class with free wine afterwards! The instructors are all amazing as well. Actually, Katie Kendall, one of the trainers, was the one that encouraged me to go ahead and do an active-wear post. I was originally going to turn down the collaboration with Six:02 because I’ve been struggling with the changes in my body over the last year. But Katie helped remind me of one the main reasons I blog; to encourage women of all shapes and sizes not to let their size define them. I can’t stop living my life because my body is not exactly where I’d like it to be. And I don’t want to be hypocritical which is why I took that big step out of my comfort zone and did my first active wear post in over a year.
nike-free-rn-flyknit My final favorite workout spot is Mile High Run Club. It’s surprising that I like this class so much given that I am absolutely not a runner. But I live for the 28 minute dash class which consists of a 4 minute warm up off the treadmill, only 28 minutes on the treadmill, and then 15 minutes of kettlebell and full body strength work. The 28 minutes on the treadmill are really hard for me. But I find that I push myself much harder than I would on my own. Plus you have recovery time after big pushes although some trainers give more recovery time than others. Ha! But I always feel amazing afterward and I love that they include the strength section so that I feel like I left with a balanced workout.six-02 What are your favorite ways to workout? I really have been enjoying the three classes mentioned above because there’s no way I’d push myself the same way on my own at a gym. And that just gets too boring for me! Oh, I’d also like to add a disclaimer that I workout with a topknot and no makeup but I was shooting some dressy looks after this one. 😉best workouts in nycactive-wear

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Tank: Adidas c/o Pants: (highly recommend!) Koral frame leggings c/o Sneakers: Nike Free RN flyknit c/o Jacket: Cynthia Rowley (sold out)