Red Chloe Hudson Bag Small

chloe hudson bagI’ve had this Chloe hudson bag for about 10 months now and it continues to be the bag I reach for on any given day. I borrowed this Chloe hudson bag from my friend back in April and she knows where to find it if she wants it again but in the meantime, I’ve taken full advantage of owning this beauty! You can see how I styled it on the blog with casual stripes here and with an easy little white dress here.

It’s actually nice that this Chloe hudson bag is in the small size so that I can’t schlep my entire life around with me in NYC. Don’t you find that you end up just putting the world in your bag when you have a tote or big, roomy bag? I tend to walk a lot when I’m in the city and the small size is amazing for holding my essentials wihout weighing me down. I would probably love the medium size even more but I’m not complaining because this is just perfect! It’s been nice owning one of my dream bags for this long of a time. 🙂

It’s proven to be durable and sturdy, great quality and extremely versatile. If it was in my budget, I’d get the black Chloe hudson bag in medium in a heartbeat but this is obviously a luxury purchase. Do you guys have a dream bag? My other dream bags include the Gucci medium quilted leather shoulder bag, Chanel classic medium double flap bag, Gucci medium dionysus leather shoulde bag, Saint Laurent medium/large or Kate large crossbody, the Chloe Faye in medium, and rockstud spike crossbody bag. Haha, I’m really not sure how this spiraled from 1-2 to all of this. No biggie, only about 20k right here! 😉

Oh, and PS- This dress is a couple years old but if you’re looking for a cute sweater dress, I am loving Clu dresses, Designers Remix has some adorable options, and Club Monaco has some cute ones!chloe hudson

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Dress: old Bag: used, less expensive hudson leather crossbody or hudson small leather shoulder bag Boots: kafka by Matt Bernson c/o Lipstick: lip creme liquid lipstick in
fraise bon bon