My Obsession with Drunk Elephant

First of all, this post is a Drunk Elephant review and it is not sponsored. I just want to make sure that’s very clear! Skincare is probably what I get emailed to collaborate the most on, more than any other category. And it’s also the category I turn down the most often because I am extremely picky about what I put on my face and I’m not going to share something with you guys that I don’t trust and believe in 100%. But I wanted to do this Drunk Elephant review because I’m passionate about sharing the things I love with you guys!

I see people rave about expensive products that are clearly not good for anyone’s skin and I cringe every time! It’s usually because it’s heavily fragranced which is proven not to be good for the skin, in fancy packaging that does nothing to keep the ingredients stable (like a pretty jar), or is just filled with irritating ingredients.

There are so many high end skincare and makeup products that are heavily fragranced and people seem to have no problem with it. They think that because it’s a fancy, high end brand, that it must be good and that is so far from the truth. Fragrance and/or fragrant essential oils can cause damage to the skin, especially over a period of time. But we finally have a skincare brand that actually cares about selling quality products in the appropriate packaging rather than putting something that smells pretty in a fancy jar without a care as to whether or not it’s harmful to the skin. drunk elephant b hydraBefore I discovered Drunk Elephant, I had a few great products from a few different brands. But all of those brands had products I loved and products I really disliked. This is the first skincare brand where I love every single product they’ve come out with! I’ve finally found a skincare brand I can trust 100000%. Their vibrant and colorful packaging is just an added bonus. But let’s talk about some of my favorite products and get on with my Drunk Elephant review.

I’ve been struggling with acne due to some frustrating hormonal issues I’ve been working on sorting out. I was using prescription creams for my acne that were somewhat effective but really dried out my skin and I hated that. Drunk Elephant kindly sent me this Let’s B Clear set which includes a full size moisturizer and mini travel sizes of some other products and let me tell you, these products are a game changer.

if I had to choose a favorite from Drunk Elephant, it would have to be the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. I am in desperate need of the full size because it’s a brilliantly formulated serum that includes both a BHA and AHA to exfoliate your skin. Many products have BHA and AHA ingredients but the PH levels are often wrong and end up being useless on the skin. This serum’s PH levels are the perfect level to effectively exfoliate your skin. The AHA will help with signs of aging, even out skin tone and texture, amd minimize the appearance of wrinkles. The BHA will penetrate the skin and help with clogged pores, blackheads, and acne. It’s honestly a genius product and I need the full size version in my life ASAP, especially because I’ve noticed that my skin has gotten much clearer since using it every other day! drunk elephant reviewI was confused when I saw that the Lala Whipped Cream moisturizer was in a jar because as I’ve told you before, moisturizers in a jar are usually an automatic pass for me as ingredients can’t be kept stable and it’s usually not very sanitary. But I learned that this is an airless jar so the ingredients are safe. This is an amazing moisturizer for those of you with dry skin who need a really rich moisturizer. The B Hydra Gel is a lot more lightweight for those with oily skin, but if you add a couple drops of the Virgin Marula Luxury Oil to the B Hydra like I do, it’s a magical and incredibly moisturizing  combination.

Everything from Drunk Elephant has absolutely no fragrance, parabens, essential oils, or silicones, and while the products can be pricey, I’d personally rather splurge on skincare than a lipstick or eyeshadow palette. Your makeup will only take you so far if you don’t take care of your skin underneath. They’ve also come out with the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial that I’m curious about, but haven’t tried yet. Basically, I really need one of everything and I have not a single negative thing to say.

Have you guys tried Drunk Elephant skincare products yet? And what are your favorites?