Fhitting Room Review: 4 Reasons To Go ASAP!

fhitting room flatironToday I am sharing my second collaboration with Reebok for their Perfect Never campaign along with a Fhitting Room review. You can check out our first collaboration where I share my body acceptance journey as well as what made me excited to be a part of their campaign here. And I decided to do this second shoot with Kelly in what’s become one of my favorite places to work out in NYC, The Fhitting Room.

Here are 4 reasons why I love The Fhitting Room so much and why I think everyone in the NYC area needs to give it a try too! Keep reading for my Fhitting Room review.fhitting room reviews

1. My favorite thing about them is that no two classes are ever the same. I hate classes that never change because it gets boring and stale very quickly! Not with the Fhitting Room! Every class is different so I don’t find myself getting bored which is really important as it keeps me exercising consistently and coming back each week.

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2. Yes, the workouts are hardcore and I sweat like crazy. But if you’re a beginner, don’t let that scare you! The instructors are all SO nice and while they encourage you to work hard, they are more than happy to modify the workout for you and are absolutely fine with you going at your own pace. I’m not about those studios with instructors that yell at you/punish you if you need to modify. In the Fhitting Room, they’ll definitely push you to do your best but only in a kind and encouraging way.

And one little example of how encouraging they are was last Friday when I went to a class where the last 5 minutes were particularly tough for me. The instructor saw me struggling and ready to give up so he got up alongside me and did the workout with me to help me get through the last few minutes. This is just a silly little example but it shows you the type of atmosphere it is. I also came in with a hamstring injury a few months ago and the instructor kept checking in with me, giving me modifications before I even mentioned anything. They’re awesome like that!

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3. There are two instructors in every class so you know they’re watching for proper form. That is so important to prevent injury and I know if I’m doing something wrong, it’ll be caught and they’ll show me the right way to do the exercise.

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4. The workouts have the perfect mix of cardio/HIIT and strength based exercises. I always leave knowing that I got a full body workout. They incorporate weights, kettle bells, TRX, and body weight exercises for strength along with bikes, rowing machines, skier and burpees/high knees etc for cardio. Like I mentioned before, I never know what to expect from the class until I get there but I do know that I’ll be working my butt off and will end up with a killer, full body workout.

I really love The Fhitting Room and find that the classes go by really quickly. I don’t usually look forward to my workouts but I honestly do look forward to my weekly classes at The Fhitting Room. Have you tried their classes?

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Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Leggings: dance shattered glam tight on sale c/o Jacket: Speedwick track jacket c/o Sneakers: Hayasu c/o