What The Heck is Body Positivity Anyway?

star print leggingsThe body positivity movement is finally being brought to people’s attention but there are still a lot of people that aren’t even sure what it means. There are also a lot of misconceptions as to what body positivity actually is so I thought I’d share my take on it today.

Let’s first start with what it’s NOT. Body positivity does not mean ditching any semblance of a healthy lifestyle and running to the bakery and eating an endless supply of muffins and donuts. It doesn’t mean sitting on the couch 24/7 and eating fried chicken and french fries. Ok? Now that we made that clear, let’s move on.
puma basket heartTo me, body positivity is all about putting an end to the never ending spiral of self hatred and shame we feel about our bodies. It’s about not putting our lives on hold until we get to a certain weight but learning to embrace all aspects of ourselves NOW, wherever we are on our journey. Whether you struggle with emotional overeating, body dissatisfaction, or disordered eating,  it doesn’t make you a terrible person who needs to hide until you get to a magical number on the scale.

You deserve to feel good NOW, to live your life to its fullest potential NOW, and dress in a way that makes you feel confident and fabulous NOW. All of this is extremely hard in our thin obsessed world and I absolutely get that. That is why the body positivity movement is important. In a world where overweight people are constantly taking in society’s message that they are ugly, inferior, unworthy, undisciplined and disgusting, we need the body positive movement to continue fighting that. ultracor leggingsWhether you actually overeat or eat really balanced and work out 5-6 times a week, you are worthy of feeling good about yourself even when society tells you that you’re wrong for doing that. Learning to love ourselves and be more confident in our skin is not promoting the “obesity epidemic” as some would try to suggest. Studies prove that shaming someone into losing weight is pretty darn ineffective. And someone who feels happy and positive with their lives and themselves is probably more inclined to take care of their bodies than someone who feels constant shame and self hatred about how they look.

I’ve mentioned before that I had a friend who died from an eating disorder at age 19 and it was a big wake up call. Obviously, eating disorders are more complex than just being about our thin obsessed culture, but it absolutely often contributes and plays a role. As someone who has personally been both overweight and thin, I can personally attest to the horrific and shameful comments I got about my weight regularly from friends, family members, acquaintances and strangers. You can read more about that here but my point is that our fat shaming society is very real and very damaging. what is body positivityI’m grateful that the body positivity movement is continuing to grow. Young and impressionable girls (and boys) need to hear more balanced and healthy messages from the media and our culture. I hope that my writing this helps clear up some of the myths about body positivity floating around. star leggings

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

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