Gimme All The Pom Poms, Please and Thank you!

I am pom pom (and tassel) obsessed and have already started my hunt for alllll the pom poms for spring and summer. I am on a very important mission! Shopbop is having their amazing sale now where everything is up to 25% off so I got the first Rebecca Minkoff pom pom sandals pictured below. I really, really want the Clem sandals so badly and I feel like I’d live in them all summer but my friend convinced me to attempt a DIY. The price is just a little too much for me, even with the discount. I’ve never done a single DIY project in my life so we shall see. Wish me luck!

I’m also on the hunt for a cute pom pom dress but I haven’t had success yet. All the cute ones are off the shoulder or sleeveless and that’s not what I want. I want one with half or 3/4 sleeves so I’m still looking. Let me know if you see any cute pom dresses!

Check out my favorite pom pom and tassel picks from Shopbop’s sale! Are you picking anything up?

pom poms sandals

1. Estelle Sandals– These are the ones I just ordered. I hope they’re comfortable because I love them!

2. Joana Multi Medium Tote – How fun is this for beach days? I have an adorable straw pom pom clutch from last year that’s only $38 (see me wear it here and here) but this is adorable too!

3. Olivia Bracelet– Love these tassel bracelets and think they are perfect for spring and summer

4. Mini Sofia Crossbody Bag– I really want this one! Pom poms and tassels just make things so much better!

In honor of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I posted this to instagram:

I know this is different from what I normally post, but I wanted to share this because it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Many of you know that besides for blogging, I’m a therapist who has treated many people with eating disorders. Every time I see bloggers with big followings encourage abstinence of entire food groups or share their diets in depth, I cringe. Why? Because we all have different bodies with different needs and focusing on weight loss and thinness can be harmful to the young and impressionable readers scrolling through social media. Eating disorders are complex but our diet obsessed society doesn’t help things. And you often can’t tell just by looking at someone if they struggle with an eating disorder because they affect people of all different weights. To my dear friend who just went into treatment, you are so much more than a number on the scale. I love you and and am so proud of you for taking the courageous step to get help. 💕 📷: @dothehotpants

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