Red Sweater Dress + Reclaiming Our Space

red sweater dress I can’t believe that just a few years ago I was too self conscious to wear red! I’m glad that my style has evolved over the years and I’m definitely feeling this cozy red sweater dress. It’s probably more of a sweater than a sweater dress on people of average height but I’m not complaining. šŸ˜‰

Whenever I do personal shopping for people, I always encourage people to step a little bit out of their comfort zones – but only in a way that feels good to them. For example, I will not encourage people that genuinely like sticking to black to wear a flaming red dress. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a personal esthetic that feels true to who you are.

But for people that are holding back because they feel they “should” be dressing in darker tones because society gives curvier women the message they need to hide, wellllll, I will encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and wear colors that put a smile on their face.

It’s 2018 so I’m thinking that this should be the year where we stop letting society and silly fashion rules tell us what to wear. There is so much more to life than trying to look smaller. 2018 is the year that I personally will work on reclaiming my space. I spent too many years trying to shrink and get smaller but no more of that! I hope that those of you reading this will join me in reclaiming our space and learning to become more comfortable in the skin we’re in.
cozy red sweater dress gucci dionysus cableknit sweater dress red sweater black velvet otk boots

Photography thanks toĀ Kelly West, check out herĀ instagramĀ andĀ facebookĀ page.

Red Sweater Dress: some options include ribbed tie waist sweater dress, turtleneck drop waist dress, and plus size fit & flare sweater dressĀ Boots: locket over the knee boot or lencon over the knee boot Bag: dionysus suede shoulder bag Ā Lipstick: audacious lipstick in grace

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