Casual But Fun in Ombre and Denim

When I went to an outlet mall with my mother a few weeks ago, I found this ombre sweater for a ridiculously cheap price. And it’s perfect for those days you don’t feel like getting dressed; where you want to be comfy and casual while still feeling cute. You know those days? Well, a cozy ombre sweater meets the criteria (in my head) of comfy, cozy, but super cute. Paired with a denim skirt and ballet flats, it’s my comfy weekend outfit.

Oh, and how confusing is this weather? One day I’m in tights and boots, the next I’m in a floral summer dress! There are only so many in between outfits I can wear… But I put my foot down last week and decided no more black tights until the Fall. I don’t care how cold it gets, my legs will be bare until I’m ready for tights and boots again! I’d move to L.A. where there is pretty much perfect weather all year round but I’m scared of earthquakes. Or Hawaii but volcanoes are just as scary! But the truth is that most of my friends and family as well as my job are here in Brooklyn, NY.

 photo redombre2_zps47c8b0a4.jpg  photo redombre4_zps9c4fecfe.jpg  photo redombre3_zps85b7b3e6.jpg  photo redombre_zps81131cd9.jpg

Photos by Chani Shmookler Deutsch
Sweater: Lucky Brand Outlet (similar ombre sweater cheap here and here and here, also here) Skirt: Anthropologie on sale (similar from Old Navy here, from Nordstrom here) Shoes: Gap (similar herehere and here) Bag: Madewell  (similar here) Earrings: Miguel Ases (loooove these

How To Wear Neon

As most of you know, I’m not particularly afraid of color…so neon for me is no problem at all. But what about those of you that are not used to so much color and just want a small pop of neon? Then try a fun pop in a neon necklace, bright pair of shoes, or a belt. Here, I’m wearing nude wedges which I love because they sort of tone down the outfit and make it a bit more sophisticated… and of course nude shoes elongate the leg (and we all know that I’m a shortie) and I can use all the help I can get! Do you have any neon in your closet or plan on including neon in your closet any time soon?

Check out how my favorite bloggers wear neon here!

 photo neon3_zps3d05c889.jpg  photo neon_zpsb9c24407.jpg  photo neon4_zpsb88a6a38.jpg  photo neon2_zpse430d81b.jpg

Dress: Loft (in petite here. neon yellow dress here, neon pink and black here) ShoesJ.Crew Factory (pumps version here) NecklaceKate Spade BraceletKate Spade- final sale and Stella & Dot Watch: Michael Kors (similar here

What I Wore: Purple Lace

I want a proper domain for my blog (so that instead of, it’s just .com) but some dude (or dudette) owns the name and isn’t listing it for sale even though no one is using the name! So that means I might have to change my blog name…sob. Just a heads up for y’all!

I bought this dress and shirt in J.Crew Factory a few weeks because it was on sale. No, I did not need it…at all. But the price was too good to pass up! You understand me, right?? I think I may be crossing the border of possible shopaholic to OMG SHIRA YOU’RE A LEGIT SHOPAHOLIC…. so I’m really going to try and limit purchases for the next…well, as long as I could. Ha ha. I’ll let you know how it goes:)

 photo purplelace5_zpsea60d033.jpg  photo purplelace_zps6b184e80.jpg  photo purplelace4_zps55642c56.jpg

Photos by Chani Shmookler Deutsch
Silk Shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar here and here), Dress: J.Crew Factory (gorgeous lace dresses herehereherehere, here and here), NecklaceJeweliq, Shoes: Michael Kors, DSW (similar here and here)

The Half Tuck In Blues and Greens

I’m on the fence about this outfit. In my head, it seemed really cute but actually seeing these photos and I’m not liking it as much as I thought it would. The bold colorblocking with the printed skirt might be a bit much for my comfort zone. What do you think?

Also, who noticed that I progressed to a half tuck? 🙂 I’m working my way slowly toward tucking shirts in all the way. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll tuck a shirt in completely!

New blog post  photo blueandgreen3_zps4f4f1d96.jpg  photo blueandgreen_zps29d0b31c.jpg  photo blueandgreen4_zpsd06123dc.jpg       

Photos by Chani Shmookler-Deutsch

Shirt:Ann Taylor on sale. SkirtAnn Taylor Shoes: Last Call Neiman Marcus, similar here (for good price!) Bracelets: J.Crew and Stella & Dot through Cathy (she’s so sweet!), Rings: J.Crew, similar Kate Spade here, Bag: Borrowed (you can find vintage station bags on Ebay and Etsy)

The Art Of The Tuck… Wearing Coral and Florals

I’ve never felt comfortable tucking in my shirts. It started in high school with my hideously unflattering pleated uniform with school rules requiring that the shirt must be tucked in at all times. Let’s just say that it wasn’t my best look (ha). I still feel extremely self conscious tucking in my shirts and if shirts don’t come in petite, they fall at my knees (well almost). I was considering getting the shirt tailored and cut when I decided to tie it at the waist instead. It instantly made me look more put together and neater. So this is as close to tucked in as I get! How do you all wear your shirts? 

 photo floral5.jpg  photo floral2.jpg  photo floral5.jpg  photo floral2.jpg     

Photos by Chani Shmookler-Deutch (how amazing is she??)
ShirtGap SkirtBlank NYC ShoesJ.Crew Factory Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella&Dot, and JeweliqBow Ring: J.Crew, similar here and here Watch: Michael Kors, very similar here Bag: borrowed, similar here
Special thanks to Kelly Stahley who helped me resize my photos (she also designed my blog)!

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