6 Tips For Mastering A Bold Lipstick

I originally wrote this post for The Jewish Press here.

Some people are intimidated by the idea of wearing bold lipstick, but it’s actually a lot more wearable than you might think. Fall and winter are my favorite times to wear a bold or vampy lip color, but there’s definitely an art to executing it successfully. Let’s talk about the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to mastering a bold lipstick.

bold lipstickExfoliated and Smooth Lips
The perfect lipstick application starts, (more…)

The Ugly Truth About Whole 30

It’s my favorite time of year (cue the sarcasm); a time where everywhere we look there are posts reminding us all that we better be sure to start focusing on making ourselves smaller. Because losing weight seems to be the single most important thing we need to accomplish in 2018. How? By doing a detox, starting keto for the 7th time, or what seems to be the current trend: doing the Whole 30 program.

Diets have been proven not to work. They’ve been proven to be unsustainable and actually cause your metabolism to slow down while increasing your body’s natural set point as well as contribute to disordered eating. But so many people continue to be swayed by the $60 billion diet industry that continues to persuade us that dieting will work if you just have enough discipline.

And for those of you concerned that I’m promoting a lifestyle exclusively of doughnuts and french fries, let me clarify that I think it’s important to learn to nourish our bodies so that we feel our best without restricting any food groups. Learning to eat intuitvely by recognizing and responding to our body’s hunger and fullness cues while also allowing ourselves yummy desserts because they taste darn good is a lot healthier than lifelong yo yo dieting.truth about whole 30 diet (more…)

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